15 funky wall clocks

A clock is an instrument used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time. In general usage today a “clock” refers to any device for measuring and displaying the time. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to consistently measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units. Clocks come in different form such as watches, time pieces and wall clocks. Wall clocks are distinguished from watches and times pieces though all of them co-ordinate time; since the latter can be worn or carried anywhere you are. Wall clocks are placed on walls in households, stores and many others. Aside from the time they provided, they can also add beauty to a certain area. They can be made as decorative materials due to their forms, sizes and styles. We have collected some of the funky wall clocks designs innovative. Please take time to look at them.


Chalkboard Car Wall Clock

A modern wall clock that is shaped like a car. This design can be used for the wall or the desk. It is made from chalkboard and comes with pieces of chalk so you can decorate it however you like. If you like black wall clock, these designs will suit you just fine.

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Fork & Spoon Wall Clock

funky fork and spoon clock

This is new and it’s very funky and cool wall clock; manufactured from metal forks and spoons ‘black’ in colour, it is a great feature for any room, especially the kitchen or even a cafe restaurant, and it has a fork and a knife for the hands and also numbers.



Curved Balls Clock

Talk about retro wall clocks, this colourful balls on this modern clock delight with their space-age retro style. The sleek brushed metal clock face is surrounded by blue, lime and orange balls.

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Spirograph Large Clock

Made from high quality flexible plastic, this large wall clock was clearly inspired by a blossoming lotus, a stunning addition to any room. If you are looking for beautiful decorative wall clocks, this design will suit you just fine.

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No Smoking Glass Wall Clock

Get the message across loud and clear with this really funky and fun wall clock, very large in size 40cm diameter, it’s made from quality glass hangs on the wall.

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Racing Car Wall Clock

This wall clock is really cool, at every hour these cool little cars one red and one blue take off and race around the track with car sounds which can be adjusted.

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Karlsson Wall Clock Mixed Spider, Multi Colour, Steel Chrome

With the amazing features and innovative design of this Multi Colour Spider designer clock, it will truly make your home special.

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Funky Modern Wall Clock

With this Stylish funky, colorful and striking wall clock, it would make a real statement in any contemporary home.

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Retro Funky Wall Clock with Pendulum

This is an artistic interpretation of a house and is well suited to an expressive contemporary decor. A glass face dial with black and red Arabic numbers and a function pendulum at the six hour mark confirm this clock’s uniquely artsy orientation. This black cat pendulum wall clock is a hit among pet lovers. The cat clock is a unique design as the pendulum is a wagging cat’s tail.

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Trend Lab® Tiara Wall Clock

This creation is a crowning achievement. The girls’ tiara wall clock is the perfect addition to her room ‘in pink’.

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Do It Yourself Cubic Wall Clock

Cube Clock is made up of thirteen cubes in various warm colours, one of which holds the clock hands and thus tells the time. You can use these cubes as you wish to build your own personalized clock. This is one of the most unusual wall clock that I have ever seen.

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Northern Retreat Canoe Wall Clock

Canoe shape and “Whitetail Creek Expeditions” graphics lend rustic appeal. Canoe paddle pendulum counts the seconds with timeless charm.

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Karlsson One To Twelve Wall Clock

Make your home special with this amazing One to Twelve Spider Style designer clock. It is easy to maintain, clean and hang with a simple hanging hook on the back of the clock. This contemporary wall clocks will surely draw wows from your visitors.

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Coffee Pot Wall Clock

Serve yourself a cup of style with this cute coffee pot clock. Coffee-pot design is perfect for any kitchen or breakfast nook. Precise quartz movement provides accurate time.

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Yellow Digger Wall Clock

The Yellow Digger Clock is an ideal jpgt for a child and brilliant for children’s bedrooms.

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Hope you like these funky wall clock, bought to you by funky furniture designs of course!

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