5 Funky toilet designs

Toilet seat design is not something that everyone puts a lot of thought into it. Most of the time, we tend to go for the conventional type and think no more about it. However, there is actually a lot of cool and funky toilet design that is available on the market today. I am going to show you some examples that will amaze you and make you do a double take on what a cool toilet seat design can look like.


#1: Curved toilet seat design

funky toilet design 1

A sophisticated and funky toilet design. The highpoint of the toilet seat is sexy curve that you seldom see in most other toilet seat design. It might slant more towards contemporary rather than funky but it is still worth showing this to you guys.


#2: Flower toilet design

funky toilet design 2

I don’t know if this was meant to be a joke but it definitely look funky and interesting. I am sure your guests will get a good laugh out of this when they used your toilet seat 🙂


#3: Lips toilet design

funky toilet design 3

Number 3 definitely has the potential to invoke an equal amount of laughs when compared to #2. This kiss or lip shaped toilet is funny but very striking. I wonder if you can buy this anywhere.


#4: Scary toilet design

funky toilet design 4

Want to scare off your visitors. This toilet seat design should be able to do it. It looks totally unfriendly but has a funky element to it.


#5: Pirate toilet seat design

funky toilet design 5

For those who enjoyed watching johnny deep in the pirates of the Caribbean, this toilet seat design might be the funky toilet you are looking for. Featuring a cool pirate cover seat, and a classy black color, it is funky but not too outrageous.

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