6 funky furniture designs for bedroom

Due to the success of an earlier article on funky bedroom designs, I am doing an article feature funky furniture designs for the bedroom. There are a lot of different items to chose from but I focus on the bigger stuff rather than bedroom accessories so there literally endless selection from those.


#1: Funky teens bed

funky bedroom furniture - teens bed

Love the combination of bright colors and the curvy shape that would make it a perfect a bed for a teen’s funky bedroom. The little table at the end of the bed is a nice touch to make a small working desk and the CD or book holder is great for storing small items.


#2: Funky bedroom lounge chair

funky bedroom furniture -lounge chair

A very interesting underwater concept that puts a bedroom lounge chair in a water tank. You can relax in the chair and enjoy some water spa along the way. Very funky.


#3: Funky facebook bed design

funky bedroom furniture -facebook bed

If you have been using Facebook everyday, you might consider buying this Facebook themed bed. It comes with a laptop area where you can start work right after you are awake.


#4: Funky bedroom side table

funky bedroom furniture -side table

Side tables are a must for almost every bedroom. Most of the designs I have seen are either squarish or circle in shape. This particular is neither and is the reason why I liked it. Featuring a series of rectnagule sheets, it looks very sleek and funky.


#5: Funky tree shaped side table

funky bedroom furniture -side table 2

Another funky side table design that I like is this plug and play side table that has an inbuilt lighting system. Just slot it into the electric port and you can enjoy great lighting at the flick of a switch without the need to buy another table lamp.


#6: Funky bedroom lights

Funky bedroom furniture designs - lighting

These circle shaped bedroom lights looks great when placed in the way as above. It adds a funky feel to the whole home and makes it more unique.

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