6 funky office chair designs you got to see

In my previous article, I covered funky office wall art as part of the series on showcasing funky office furniture. In this article, the focus will be on funky office chair designs or ideas. There will be a lot of ideas to choose from but I am picking the ones that I really like. If you have better suggestions, drop me a comment please!


#1: Funky office chairs with wavy legs

funky office chair design 1

Whoever said office furniture is boring needs to look at designers like this. I have never saw such a sleek look office chair with its modern wavy legs.


#2: Black and white funky office chair

funky office chair design 2

The special element is the way the backing of the seat is designed. It looks like two pieces of furniture being glued together to form a chair. The color scheme is also very modern and different from the traditional black and white office chair.


#3: Funky roller office chair

funky office chair design 3

The roller back of this office chair is its standout feature. Just a simple chance like this is enough to make a tradition office furniture looks funky and modern.


#4: Folded office chair design

funky office chair design 4

Funky designs need not always be loud or complicated. This design is both simple but stylish.  Just by making a folded design, the chair is immediately different from how a chair should look. The triangular leg adds to the sleekness of the design.


#5: Colorful funky office chair

funky office chair design 5

Sometimes, it is not the design but the color combination that makes a piece of furniture funky. This is the case of the above office chair that uses lots of colors to create a strong and funky overall impression.


#6: Funky office chair with laptop stand

funky office chair design 6

This is a very nice way to combine a laptop stand with an office chair. The design is very sleek and the curve makes the whole furniture just look so sexy.

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