6 funky wooden furniture designs that combine modern with traditional

When we talked about funky furniture designs, the common perception is that they are made of materials such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel or plastic. Wood is seldom factor in the equation because it typically conveys a traditional and classic feel. However, wooden materials can be used to create funky furniture as well. In this article, we will take a look at some lovely funky wooden furniture design.


Funky wooden chair

funky wooden furniture designs - chair

I love the odd shape design of this office chair that comes with lots of storage on the side. It is very unique and looks absolutely funky even though it is made of light colored wood.


#2: Funky wooden bench or sofa

funky wooden furniture designs - sofa

I am nto sure if calling this a sofa is accurate but it is definitely a funky looking bench that would not look out of place in a modern home.  The curve of the wooden sofa makes for a very sexy design that can parallel most other moderns sofa designs in the market.


#3: Funky wooden lounge chair

funky wooden furniture designs - lounge chair

Created by the designer named Claudio D’amore, it seems a very modern and funky take on the lounge chair concept. The additional built up walls are meant to create a quiet space whereby a person can enjoy a book, music or even a light nap in peace.


#4: Funky wooden dining table

funky wooden furniture designs - dining table

Designed by Eli Chissick’, this piece of wooden furniture emits a very elegant and funky feel that differentiates it from the traditional wooden dining table.


#5: Funky wooden computer table

funky wooden furniture designs - computer table

The pairing of modern technology and traditional wooden material comes to live with this magnificent computer table design. The curved top adds a unique touch to an otherwise functional and sleek table top.


#6: Funky wooden side table

funky wooden furniture designs - side table

Adopting a minimalist furniture design, this wooden side table is thin and places very elegantly as a side table. Its double inverted shape is unique and create some much needed storage space without adding drawers and stuff


#7: Funky wooden laptop stand

funky wooden furniture designs - laptop holder

Now, this is something interesting and practical. It is a laptop stand that is made of wood with a sexy roundish shape. When placed with modern gadets, the item doesn’t look out of place. Instead, it creates a nice feeling of modern and tradition.

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