7 funky floating bookshelves you need to see

Funky bookshelves can easily add an exciting element to our traditional home or room.  Their designs are so varied and numerous that it would take probably many many blog posts before the topic can be comprehensively covered. To kickstart this effort, I will be covering funky floating bookshelves in this particular article. Below are some amazing designs that you really need to check it out.


#1:  Funky tree shaped floating bookshelf

funky floating bookshelves - tree shaped

This tree shaped bookshelf is a definite head turner with its smooth curves and interesting shape. Perfect for those who love a little nature theme in their homes.


#2:  Roller shaped funky bookshelf

funky floating bookshelves - roller shapedThis unique floating bookshelf design looks like a roller. The horizontal bars are actually made of elastic band so it does function like a roller in a sense.  This design is called Elastico and is the work of Arianna Vivenzio.


#3:  Batman funky floating bookshelves

funky floating bookshelves - batman

Are you a comic book fan? How about this bat signal shaped floating bookshelf that looks absolutely identical to the bat signal or logo found on batman’s chest.  Very cool looking and is perfect for displaying your comic books.


#4: Waitress bookshelf – LOL

funky floating bookshelves - waitress

This one really got me laughing. It is a cool idea and one that I don’t see repeated anyway. If you are running a restaurant, it could be the perfect wall storage decorative floating shelf.  This collection is designed by Daniele Lago and can be rearranged according to your creativity.


#5: Modular funky bookshelves

funky floating bookshelves - tie shaped

This also comes from Daniele Lago from. It is arranged in a tie shape and create a nice talking point for your visitors when they visit your home.


#6:  Full wall floating bookshelf

funky floating bookshelves - Adrien Andrieux

Coming from Adrien Andrieux’s creative mind, this set of beautiful and yet funky floating bookshelves can add a lot of storage and design elements into your living space.


#7:  Another modular funky bookshelf

funky floating bookshelves - modular shelves

Called the ninja, it is not difficult to see where the name comes from. The whole design is centered on sharp corners, just like the weapon thrown by a typical ninja. The whole shelf is modular in nature and allows you to mix and match the shelves to form different unique shapes.

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