Funky bathroom storage

The previous article on funky storage ideas was done over 2 years ago so it is a good time to revisit the topic and see what see stuff has appeared on the market. In particular, I am interested to see what kind of funky bathroom storage designs are there that might be fun and useful to those who are looking for office storage.  Below are some of the stuff that I found to be really cool looking and interesting.


#: Ladder as funky bathroom storage

funky bathroom storage - ladder

This is a neat little idea that everyone can try if your bathroom has the space for it. Simply use the steps of a ladder as storage shelves. It is easy to do but adds a lot of character to the bathroom.


#2: Rustic funky bathroom storage

funky bathroom storage - rustic

I like the rustic feel of this bathroom storage. Although it is old, it adds an element of funkiness to the bathroom especially when the rest of the bathroom furniture is very modern.


#3: Hanging bathroom storage

funky bathroom storage - hanging storage

The item is a DIY project that you can learn. It is basically using wire shelves and PVC to create a hanging storage that can hold your bottles such as shampoo and creams. It looks great and can be made for free!

#4: Elegant bathroom storage

funky bathroom storage - elegant

For a more elegant look, here is a under sink bathroom storage solution that uses sexy curved drawers. The way it opens up is just so unique that I can’t help but include it in the roundup.


#5: Colorful funky bathroom storage

funky bathroom storage - colorful

One easy way to make a funky bathroom storage is simply to use more colors. Look at the above example. There is nothing unique in the storage itself but the use of rainbow colors within the storage boxes make a whole lot of difference to the look and feel of the place.


#6:  Cool bathroom storage

funky bathroom storage 1

The Jules collection by Sanijura is a great collection that showcase lots of funky ideas for bathroom furniture. In the example above, the use of the colorful boards makes a wooden sink comes alive.

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