Funky bunk beds

These days everyone is looking to save space. Moving has never been a more expensive and difficult proposition, so making the most of what you have already got in your current home has never been a more attractive idea. And since everything some of us do has just got to be funky, funky bunk beds have never been more popular.

What makes a bunk bed? Well, the configuration of a twin bed over a larger futon isn’t a bad start to the funkitude above. Nor is the use of color with the bedspreads and pillows here in any way unfunkadelic. We’re not sure whether or not the stuffed bear qualifies as funky, but the pink throw rug is definitely way funky. Now, we’re going to try and stop saying “funky” for a bit.

Now, how do you get three beds out of two? Here’s a cool option.
This is what we call a twin-roll out trundle, which essentially fits a third bed and mattress underneath the bottom bunk. It’s not only, er, nifty, but it’s also a really thoughtful use of space.

Now, can really classy beds be — we’re ready to use the “funky” word again — funky bunk beds? Well, there is something definitely funky about bunks which place two full size beds on top of each other. In any case, if class and funk are related qualities, then this model is as funky as James Brown, Outkast, Sly Stone, Prince, Rick James, and the Bar-Key’s combined.

Of course, kids are funky by nature and bunk beds especially made to celebrate childhood with a design that might make you think of “Sesame Street” or “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” would certainly qualify. Check this out.

We also think western movies are pretty funky in a great way. Mommas might actually have to worry about their babies growing up to be cowboys after spending too many nights in this final selection in our tour of funky bunk beds.


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