Funky coffee table designs

Coffee tables can add a lot of favors to any room, be it the bedroom or the living room.  In terms of funky furniture designs, there are many possibilities that you can work with; from the different materials to the different shapes and sizes. The important thing is to pick one that blends very well in your home decor or your existing furniture set. Below are some designs that I particularly liked.


#1: Zen wooden funky coffee table

funky coffee table design 1

I picked this funky coffee table for its beautiful zen like design.  It is part of the Pine Riley range of furniture that you can easily purchase online. It is not cheap but it looks really really good.


#2:  Music themed coffee table

funky coffee table design 2

You got to love this cassette tape design that looks very funky, especially when matched with other music themed furniture pieces you might have in your home.  Designed by Jeff Skierka, it is an awesome piece of furniture for your funky home.


#3: Funky retro coffee table

funky coffee table design 3

Remember the funky retro furniture design article that I wrote in July 2014? This piece is an alternative design for item #3 featured in that article. It features a nice black and white stripes running underneath the coffee top for a wonderful retro and funky feel.


#4: Human coffee table design

funky coffee table design 4

This is the most bizarre coffee table design that I have come across. It might not to everyone’s taste but it is certainly unique. You will not find this almost anywhere.  Don’t worry though. It is not a real human being supporting that glass table 🙂


#5: Suitcase funky coffee table

funky coffee table design 5

Inspired by his travels on the way, this funky coffee table is designed to look like a real suitcase. It is very unique but is not as bizarre as the human coffee table featured on top.


#6: Sexy coffee table

funky coffee table design 6

This particular coffee table design looks like a curvy lady from a far. It is very modern and funky and will look great in any contemporary home.


#7: Jigsaw coffee table

funky coffee table design 7

Loved jigsaw puzzle? Then you might to consider this cool coffee table design that has a jigsaw puzzle design on its surface.  It comes from the creative mind of London designer Lee J Rowland.


#8: Guitar coffee table

funky coffee table design 9

Music lovers, here is another piece of music themed furniture that you might like.  It features a electric guitar as the design theme and looks really great when placed in a home music studio.  This piece is created by a new design agency called Rock Design.


#9: Elegant coffee table with tree design

funky coffee table design 8

A rather elegant piece of design that uses a tree shape to add some funkiness to the overall look. The result is very contemporary piece of furniture design that functions as well as it looks.



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