Funky lamps

Here are some funky lamps that will make your room looks different and cool. We only showcase designs that are unique. If you are looking for cool funky lamps, check out these 10 interesting designs!

Funky floor lamps

If you are a music love, you will love this guitar shaped floor lamps. Designed by various designers and manufactured by the French brand Acrila, this collection of funky floor lamps can make any visitors go ‘wow’.

Funky table lamps

These funky table lamps are created by Angelica Morlein. They feature costumes that are designed to look like lamps. Very cool look and unique. This type of funky desk lamps is something that you can find anywhere.


The following is called the Blocco Lamp. It used two identical lamp and create a lamp within a lamp concept. The end of such creative design is a funky table lamp. Currently, you can buy this lamp from Generate Design at $249.

This elegant and funky lamp design is from scottish designer david taylor. It represents his usual humor.

Funky desk lamps

This is another very interesting and funky desk lamps. It figures the sticky men holding the lamp shades in a very funny position. Again, this is something that will get your home visitors talking.

Another set of funky looking desk lamps is the Beacon 600 that is designed by IMG Lighting. The design was inspired by the desire to fit with an apple mac user. The lights are made of led bulbs which are better for the environment. Check out the design below to see how cool it looks.

Funky bedroom lamps

The first time I saw this, it really made me laugh out loud. I quickly showed to my wife and she rolled her eyes. That is when I know I have spotted a nice ‘pair’ of funky bedroom lamps. Go on, laugh your head off : )

If you want something less controversial, here is an alternative version that you can use as funky bedroom lamps. The design uses a wine glass as the concept. It looks really cool and funky for a bedroom lamp.

I hope you like this collection of funky lamps and lighting which we have put together.

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