Funky retro chair designs

We recently showcased some cool funky retro furniture designs and readers can’t get enough as they requested for us to post more such articles. As we aim to please, here is another article that focuses on funky retro design. In particular, we are showcasing funky retro chair designs that will look good in your home.


#1:  Retro heart chair design

funky retro chair designs 1

A heart shape chair with bright colors is always going to be a nice piece of funky retro furniture design. These particular ones are easy to work with and can be used to decorate any modern or retro homes and offices.


#2: Funky retro dining chairs

funky retro chair designs 2

These simple dining chairs fit into the funky retro theme well. These type of chair designs are usually not very expensive but they add a lot to a home’s atmosphere.


#3: V shape funky chair

funky retro chair designs 3

Among all the design highlighted here, this has to be one of the most interesting with its V shaped design and loud purple colors. Personally, I love it and I am sure most funky retro lovers would as well.


#4: Black and white retro chair

funky retro chair designs 4

The design itself is nothing special as it looks like a typical armchair design. What is outstanding is the use of black and white color scheme which adds a funky element without losing its retro design.


#5:  Funky bubble chairs

funky retro chair designs 5

Bubble chairs are a very good way to create a retro looking home without losing its modern feel. Bubble chairs are pretty easy to buy although their prices can be quite high.  Expect to pay at least USD$200 per chair if you intend to get one.


#6:  Curvy funky chair

funky retro chair designs 6

Such curvy chair designs is also retro looking that has a strong modern feel.  Most of these very loud colors.


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