Funky retro furniture designs

Funky furniture designs are not restricted to only modern designs.  One of the current design trends is combining retro with modern and this will be the topic for today’s article. Specifically, I will showcase some interesting looking furniture designs that have an edge without losing its retro personality.


#1. Funky retro chair

funky retro furniture - chair

This rich color chair design has all the right elements of being funky retro.  With a laid back design, it is suitable as  a lounge or reading chair. One that is perfectly suited for a retro theme designed room.


#2: Funky Boomerang table

funky retro furniture - boomerange table

This is a DIY job whereby the owners of these 50-60s bommerang tables gave them a new coat of paint and coating them with polymer. The shape of the boomerang tables plus the solid loud colors what make these tables funky and retro.


#3: Retro funky coffee table

funky retro furniture - coffee table

The shape of the coffee table is a funky oval with a hole in the centre. The use of colors or images on the inside of the table is what gives this table a nice retro feel.


#4: Funky retro sofa

funky retro furniture - sofa


#5: Funky retro bedding set

funky retro furniture - bedding set


#6: Funky retro clock

funky retro furniture - clock

Here is another funky clock design that has an element of retro feel.  It is currently available in Zazzle and can be purchased without making a dent in your wallet.


#7: Funky retro bedding set

funky retro furniture - bedding

A well designed bedding set make a world of difference to the atmosphere of a room. If you want a retro and funky bedroom, this bedding set is something that will definitely work in your favor.

This is something that both adults and children will love. The sofa excludes both modern and retro feel and adds a much needed vibrancy to any living or bedroom.


#8: Funky retro wallpaper

funky retro furniture - wallpaper

A wallpaper can transform the look and feel of an entire room. If you want a funky and retro design, there is no easier way than using a wallpaper that has both such elements.

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