Funky retro kitchen designs

Funky retro designs can be applied in many parts of your house. While we have been discussing mainly bedrooms and living rooms, the kitchen area can also use some funky design to make it more vibrant and exciting. If you need some ideas, I have picked up some really cool examples that you can use as inspirations. Most of them rely on funky kitchen wallpapers so that is an easy method that you can keep in mind.

Below are the ideas:


#1: Funky kitchen wallpaper

funky retro kitchen design 1

This is a very good example of what I meant earlier when I say a funky retro wallpaper can change the look of the entire place. Nothing else in this kitchen looks funky but the addition of the wallpaper just makes the place seems more vibrant than otherwise.


#2: Funky kitchen appliances

funky retro kitchen design - kitchen appliances

Another easy way to make a kitchen more funky retro looking is to use the right kitchen appliances. The image shows how the presence of these funky retro kitchen appliances can make the entire room more unique and have a style of its own. All it did was to use the right kind of kitchen appliances that match the funky retro theme.


#3: Modern funky retro kitchen

funky retro kitchen design 2

Colors are very important to creating a funky retro decor feel. A kitchen can have a modern look but with the right colors, it suddenly becomes more funky and retro. This is what the above picture is showing.


#4: Use stripes in kitchen

funky retro kitchen design 3

Besides colors, adding design effects such as stripes and polka dots can increase the retro feel of the kitchen. It doesn’t need a big placement. All it needs is a touch of stripes here and there to make the kitchen feels more vibrant and funky.


#5: Use of funky retro dining sofa

funky retro kitchen design 4

Installing a funky retro sofa like a traditional breakfast bar is a practical way to make the kitchen more vintage looking. It is also a great to save space as the sofa is typically placed along a wall or the back of another piece of furniture.


#6: Using chalk boards

funky retro kitchen design 5

Chalk boards are a good way to add retro and funk to your kitchen without costing you a lot of money. You can in fact use the board to create messages for your family members. The above shows where you can use chalk boards in your kitchen decor design.


#7: Retro wall art designs

funky retro kitchen design 6

Besides wallpaper, another way to make use of your empty walls is to hang funky retro wall art pieces on them. It is a very cheap and easy way to introduce the retro element without using a lot of money.

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