Funky rugs designs

Rugs are textile floor covering that are made from various materials. There are rugs made from cotton, wool, sea grass, bamboo and many others. Rugs are also made by style, shape, color and print. Some rugs are made from simple to artistic designs. We have compiled some of the funky and contemporay rugs that will truly catch your eyes. In fact, we feel like buying some of these cool rugs as well!


Oval Area Rugs

oval funky rug design

Oval area rugs are an interesting change from the standard rectangle rug and can be used to create a graceful visual impact. The rounded edges give a soft appearance and an oval rug can help soften a room that appears to be too angular or square.

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Octagonal Area Rugs

Octagonal area rugs are an interesting change from the standard rectangle rug and can be used to create a superior visual impact. The unique angles and corners will bring interest and instant impact into any room.

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Shaped Area Rugs

When it comes to rugs, we immediately think rectangle but rugs can come in a whole range of shapes. And shaped rugs are the ideal decorating accessories for bringing visual interest to a certain area of the home.

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Square Area Rugs

Square area rugs are practical and versatile suiting almost any decorating situation. Highlight your existing floor with a smaller rectangle rug in a soft color or distract from your floor with a large, over-all patterned rug – the choice is yours.

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Round Area Rugs

round area rug

Round area rugs are perfect for placing under a round coffee table. And the great thing about the range of round rugs is that most of them also come in rectangle allowing you to co-ordinate your living spaces with the same style rugs. A rectangle rug under the dining table and a round rug in the lounge all in the same pattern creates a stylish, elegant atmosphere and it will look like you’ve had professional decorators at work.

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Animal Print Area Rugs

Modern and funky; these animal print rugs are a fabulous way to bring a fun focal point to your space.Animal print rugs are definitely “in” this season – they are wonderful to work into any decor and are very sophisticated.

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Tropical Area Rugs

Lying on the beach, with the hot sun and soft island breeze massaging your body, sipping fruit juice from a pineapple – these are the thoughts a tropical theme room brings to mind and a tropical area rug can take you there.

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Synthetic Area Rugs

This includes all rugs that are made of man-made fibers. The benefits of synthetic rugs is that they are generally easy clean and wear well.They also tend to accept dyes very well and thus a full rainbow of colors is available.

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Cotton Area Rugs

Cotton area rugs constructed by hand to last for decades. By using 30% more warp threads; extra strong thread as used by the traditional oriental hand knotted rugs; and by using re-cycled cloth straight from the mills.

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Kids Area Rugs

Area rugs for kids have come a long way in recent years. Today, top rug designers are putting their best design efforts into producing eye-catching, vibrant rugs for our younger home decorators. Not just a pretty floor decoration, many of the kids rugs are interactive, learning aids as well. Check out the above for some cool kid area rugs.

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Transitional Area Rugs

Transitional Rugs for a relaxed interior with old world charm. Transitional rug is somewhere between a traditional oriental and a more modern design. Many of these rugs are based on authentic oriental patterns but given a more contemporary twist; which may be with color choice or a softening of design.

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Outdoor Area Rugs

Outdoor rugs are very popular and one of the fastest growing markets for rugs. Outdoor entertaining has taken on a new life and the outdoor entertaining area is now considered another room of the home. Very often, these outdoor rugs are for patio area although some can be for the garden as well.

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Runner Rugs

Runners are usually rectangular shaped long narrow rugs. The widths and lengths vary quite a bit.

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Hand-tufted Rugs

Hand-tufted wool rugs are handmade but do not contain individual knots, thus greatly reducing the time to make. These hand knotted rugs have designs that can be truly outstanding.

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Hand-hooked Rugs

Hand-hooked rugs are typically crafted using smaller needles for fine petit-point hooking.

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